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Athletes can learn how to be faster. Whether you run, jump, throw or swing, having more speed is essential. Empowering. I am dedicated to teaching athletes how to move effectively. If something is wrong, it’s your technique. Fix it. Using proper biomechanics is the key to greater athletic performance. Achieving maximum skill and efficiency, improvement will come in all of the major facets of athleticism. Dream big. Nothing should stop you from playing better.


I am not only about running form: every aspect of an athlete’s sport is important. I take a very comprehensive approach to evaluating the total athlete, troubleshooting any motor pattern deficiencies restraining individual potential. I translate speed, agility, balance, quickness, mobility, stamina, and awareness into fluid motion. Powerful. Those athletes who overcome habitual tendencies are uniquely resilient to injury. Pain-free. Those that don’t, get hurt. I show you how speed is environmentally-driven. It’s better to work with gravity than against it. Move well.

Speed & Movement Coach

Lacrosse Players

Peal works with lacrosse players to help improve speed on the field, stick handling technique and can help lacrosse players coming off an injury bounce back quicker.

Soccer Players

Peal works with soccer players to move efficiently in order to increase speed and improve endurance. The technique used also helps to improve ball control, shooting and passing ability, as well as prevent overuse injuries.

Field Hockey Players

Peal aims to help field hockey players improve their speed and endurance on the field and can help field hockey players coming off an injury bounce back quicker. Tracy also helps with stick control and positioning to improve performance.

Track and Field

Peal works with track and field athletes to improve their speed and endurance and can help athletes avoid injuries and reduce bodily impact.

Additional Sports

Peal Sports Performance Coaching also helps increase the speed, technique, and overall performance for these additional sports:

Endurance Running, Triathlon, Baseball, Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, Runway Sprinting for Gymnastics, Bobsled/Skeleton Sprint Start

“Tracy Peal is the link all athletes need to stay healthy. His training techniques have enhanced the medical treatments of my athletes.” 

– Dr. Lee Cohen, Podiatric Consultant to the Philadelphia Eagles, the Philadelphia 76ers and the Philadelphia Wings

Our Philosophy

My system is based on the principle that a true movement paradigm exists for sports activities, one that necessitates mastering biomechanical efficiency above all. Efficient athletes avoid injury and recover quickly. Athletes excel by handling the stresses of training and competition, not just for a season, but for the totality of competitive life. Only through careful assessment, planning, evaluation, rehab, and education will goals be achieved year after year. I help athletes understand how to properly move their bodies, developing his or her ability to sustain maximum effort at a minimal energy cost.

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Whatever your sport, whether you are are coming off an injury and want to prevent future problems, or you are seeking to achieve a break-through your performance, we can help you achieve your goals.

We offer our Sports Performance Coaching Services to the following areas: Philadelphia, Pa, Manhattan, NY, Washington D.C., Arlington, VA, Wilmington DE, Baltimore, MD, Trenton, NJ, and surrounding cities. Contact us to see if we’re in your city: 302-753-0220

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