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Peal Sports Performance Indoor Bike Fitting: Correction, Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation Program

Tracy Steven Peal/Peal Sports Performance/Corrective Movement Specialist introduces his latest pain-relieving movement solution to the current trend in bike performance injuries

Tracy Steven Peal, Sr., Corrective Movement Specialist and owner of Peal Sports Performance, recently introduced his latest pain and rehabilitation solution, Indoor Bike Fitting: Correction, Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation Program. In response to the current indoor cycling exercise trend, there is a growing demand for his expertise in the areas of cycling, movement and cycling-related injuries.

Indoor cycling is steadily increasing in popularity (think social distancing and winter cold), as a safer and more practical alternative to outdoor training. With companies like Peloton, TechnoGym, NordicTrack, ProForm, Schwinn, Synergy and Bowflex leading the way, stationary cycling now provides fitness enthusiasts with motivating, high-tech, state-of-the-art training complete with live and on-demand classes, personalized touchscreen options and Bluetooth or WiFi compatibility. However, as exhilarating as the workouts can be, any repetitive motion exercise has its downsides. Many riders have developed problems related to riding an ill-fitting bike and are experiencing pain and discomfort as a result.

Peal Sports Performance Indoor Bike Fitting: Correction, Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation Program was created for those riders who take their cycling workouts seriously, and are seeking solutions to their riding needs. Tracy’s program works to address the following areas of concern: saddle height, saddle fore/aft, front end position, shoe/cleat/pedal alignment. In addition, Tracy evaluates the rider’s ROM issues (muscle tightness, joint inflexibility) and structural imbalances (postural inhibitions) during his Fitness Assessment.

From there, with an eye for efficiency of motion, Tracy retrains bike users on proper technique and pedal stroke mechanics. He offers additional post-fit treatments to further alleviate the common wear-and-tear found in pursuit of an intensive, non-impact cardio workout, especially for those experiencing ongoing knee, back, foot and sit-bone injuries.

To learn more, visit Tracy is currently scheduling individual sessions to help show athletes how to avoid injury, recover quickly, and handle the stresses of training and competition. To schedule an appointment you can also reach Tracy at or 302-753-0220 .

About TRACY PEAL: Tracy Steven Peal, Sr. is a Skill and Movement Specialist who specializes in biomechanical analysis and teaching proper form. His emphasis is improving Running Gait and Cycling Mechanics, and has worked with many elite, pro, D1 and aspiring athletes. He has been engaged in the field of movement study for more than 20 years, as a Triathlon, Track & Field, and Strength & Conditioning expert. Tracy works directly with athletes, assisting clients with their recovery from a variety of sports-related injuries. Always evolving, Tracy has recently completed his first bike-fitting course.