About Tracy

Tracy Peel Elite speed coach | Peal Sports Performance Coaching

Skill Acquisition Specialist & Movement Coach

Tracy Steven Peal, Sr., is a Skill Acquisition Specialist & Movement Coach. He has been engaged in the field of individual and group athletics, strength training, and physical conditioning for over 25 years while continuing to expand his field of expertise. As a movement expert, Tracy analyzes sports biomechanics to provide the most effective way to increase speed, efficiency, quickness, agility, power, and endurance.

Through a unique re-engineering of the athlete’s understanding of propulsive motion, together with an intense focus on specialized drills and exercises, Tracy retrains an athlete’s neuromuscular firing patterns in order to improve form and technique. All athletes benefit from his methodological approach to skill acquisition, performance technique, and injury prevention

“Tracy Peal is the link all athletes need to stay healthy. His training techniques have enhanced the medical treatments of my athletes.” 

– Dr. Lee Cohen, Podiatric Consultant to the Philadelphia Eagles, the Philadelphia 76ers and the Philadelphia Wings

Quick Facts about Tracy

  • Works with athletes in a wide range of disciplines, including all team and individual sports
  • Successfully trains a yearly average of 30 collegiate Division I/II level athletes, preparing them for pre-season testing, as well as monitoring performance and designing in-season protocols to maintain sharpness, recuperation, and consistency
  • Continues to be subcontracted by schools and facilities, including Temple University, Elon University, Delran Softball, Velocity Sports Performance, and PS2 Athletics, to evaluate, instruct, and improve their top-tier athletes
  • Trained 8 Boston Marathon finishers, all under 3:30
  • Collaborates with Dr. Lee Cohen, DPM Philadelphia Eagles, assisting each athlete’s rehabilitative process through correction of deficient movement skills.
  • Featured speaker at regional running clinics in NJ and PA.
  • Works with professional athletes (including MLB player with the Seattle Mariners organization) on speed, explosiveness, swinging mechanics, flexibility, and strength & conditioning.