“I never thought I’d say this, but I no longer dread running. It’s still not my favorite exercise, but since I took Tracy Peal’s POSE clinic almost 6 months ago my running feels far more effortless and so I am able to run longer distances faster. I’ve also found myself running much more frequently than I did in years prior to the clinic, but without any of the injuries I used to experience as a heel striker, such as shin splints and stress fractures. In fact, I recently shaved over 2 minutes off of my 5k time, and I never felt any muscular tension in my legs or hips that day or the next. More importantly, as an athletic coach it is important that I lead by example, proving to my members that with the proper skills and practice we can all overcome our weaknesses and improve upon our strengths. Thank you Tracy for providing me with the skills to turn one of my greatest weaknesses into something almost enjoyable.”