Movement Analysis

During a Running Gait Analysis, Peal Sports Performance Coaching will observe you walking or running on a track or treadmill, looking in particular at the positioning of your feet, ankles, knees, and hips during stance and in motion. Using motion capture analysis software, We will record and analyze your movement through the whole gait cycle. Slow motion and freeze framing are used to carefully assess your running, sprinting and/or walking style. However, locomotion is only part of the story. We also rely on functional movement assessments to dig even deeper into the etiology of performance glitches

gait analysis training | Peal Sports Performance Coaching
Movement Analysis | Peal Sports Performance Coaching

What are the Benefits?

  • Greater Efficiency – Better use of energy, more stamina
  • Injury Prevention – Less chance for the errors that lead to a host of injuries
  • Confidence – Better technique is empowering. Focus on running form makes conditioning, distance and physical challenges less demanding
  • More Speed – Greater angular acceleration and timing results in less ground contact time when running, more whip when throwing or swinging and enhanced vertical impulse when jumping
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