Jumping Sports

Peal Sports Performance Coaching aims to help Basketball and Volleyball players improve their speed and jumping on the court and can help athletes coming off an injury bounce back quicker. We use a variety of Basketball equipment, including high-speed cameras and motion capture software, to analyze biomechanics in all movement disciplines.

Our coaching service is dedicated to teaching athletes how to move efficiently, increase speed and improve endurance, by emphasizing the proper hierarchical relationship of all forces interacting during activity. Improved movement proficiency has the most significant effect on speed and injury potential. All athletic movements – running, jumping, cycling, swimming, etc. – are a product of the efficient use of gravitational torque, muscular elasticity, ground reaction force, and neuromuscular activation to achieve motion.

Peal Sports Performance Coaching works with jumping athletes to improve the following:

  • Vertical Jump Height and Impulse
  • Horizontal Jumping Displacement
  • Counter-movement Jumping
  • Sprint and Approach Mechanics
  • First-step Acceleration
  • Run/Jump Transition
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Increase Your Speed with the Pose Method®

Do you want to be a more effective Jumper? Performing movement using the Pose Method® helps to perfect efficient technique and reduce the risk of injury while giving the athlete a competitive edge. This method is a foundation for the techniques used in all sports.

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Whatever your sport, whether you are are coming off an injury and want to prevent future problems, or you are seeking to achieve a break-through your performance, we can help you achieve your goals.

Are you looking for basketball/Volleyball Coaching, basketball/volleyball Performance Coaching, or basketball/volleyball Technique Coaching? Peal Sports Performance Coaching offers Elite basketball/volleyball coaching for the following areas: Philadelphia PA, Manhattan NY, Wilmington DE, Baltimore MD, Washington DC, Arlington, VA. and surrounding areas.

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