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Peal Sports Performance Coaching believes that speed is the least understood aspect of the sport. Athletes from every sport can benefit from becoming faster but very few know how to do so. We teach speed based biomechanical efficiency. When an athlete achieves maximum efficiency, improvements in speed and strength follow but are not the only benefits. Athletes who master their own negative tendencies will increase performance, as well as prevent overuse injuries and even relieve pain from previous injuries.

Current running form, even amongst elite athletes, is predictably inefficient. Most take excess time during ground contact, which requires additional muscular contractions to hold support and arrive at a position where forward movement can actually take place.  Accordingly, the athlete engages in movement patterns that waste time and energy, stop momentum, and result in a high cost of O2 & ATP per unit speed.

The most efficient movement comes from the body being a vector for environmental (gravity, ground reaction) and inherent (muscular elasticity, neuromuscular activation) forces, rather than acting as a force generator.  Movements that are most efficient allow for the total expression of our movement potential, speed, and power, seizing the fullest physiological capacities within us.


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