Stationary Bike Fitting, Injury Prevention & Correction

Pain-Relief and Recovery Program

Repetitive motion exercise can have its downside.  Many indoor stationary bike riders are experiencing discomfort as a result of a poor bike fit. The accumulative effect is a host of muscle, joint, and connective tissue concerns.

Stationary Bike Fittings starting at $175

We are currently performing professional stationary bike fits for the following local areas: Marlton, NJ, Summit. NJ Philadelphia, PA, Wilmington, DE, and surrounding areas.

To schedule an appointment to get your stationary bike fitted, call 302-753-0220 or email Tracy directly at

Peal Sports Performance Stationary Bike Fitting, Injury Prevention & Correction Program was initiated to help those riders who are seeking to address all bike fitting issues such as:

  • Saddle height
  • Front end position
  • Range-of-motion challenges
  • Saddle fore/aft location
  • Shoe/cleat/pedal alignment
  • Riding imbalances

Once a more appropriate position on the bike is found, Tracy’s program includes improving pedal stroke mechanics, in addition to working on any flexibility tension or mobility stiffness found during the fitness assessment.

After Tracy retrains bike users on proper technique (based on the new adjustments), he offers post-fit treatments and additional training sessions when necessary.

The overall goal is to increase movement efficiency for those in-pursuit of an exhilarating “non-impact” cardio workout – while focusing on typical areas of concern:

  • Feet
  • Hips
  • Knees
  • Lower Back
  • Sit-bones

Tracy Peal Bike Fittings | Peal Sports Performance Coaching“I’m often asked why bike fitting? My response is that I’ve always had a love affair with cycling since the days of the Tour DuPont in the mid-90’s, where the pomp and circumstance of professional road cycling was so captivating. Of course, we were all drawn into the hoopla of Lance Armstrong’s dominance in the Tour. Although I’ve been a strength athlete a large portion of my life, I have had a strange addiction to the rigor and challenge of bike riding. I’ve done a few crit races, time-trials, a several century rides. I always feel that there’s never enough time in my schedule to ride. Along with my cycling infatuation, my profession as a movement specialist lends itself to wanting to help riders find more efficient and pain-free ways to enjoy his or her bike. It was a natural progression for me to add bike fitting to my repertoire.” – Tracy Peal

Tracy is currently scheduling individual sessions to help show athletes how to avoid injury, recover quickly, and handle the stresses of training and competition.  To schedule an appointment you can also reach Tracy at or  302-753-0220  or reach us using the Contact Us form here.

“I’ve done two rides since you adjusted my bike the other day. Went back to my clipped in pedals for both rides and felt great. I was very happy with my positioning and my legs and feet didn’t hurt.”

– Stacey Panco

Here Are Just a Few of The Popular Stationary Bike Brands We Do Fittings For.

We work with many of the top stationary bike brands. Peloton, NordicTrack, WATTBike, Wahoo Kickr Bike, Pro-Form, and Echelon, just to name a few.